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TIBFI is a tripartite body composed of representatives from the government, private and labor sectors. We aim to provide manpower development in various tourism enterprises.


TIBFI Tripartate MembershipThe Hotel and Restaurant Industry Board (HRIB) was established in June 1980 by the National Manpower and Youth Council (NMYC) in accordance with Article 50 of the New Labor Code.

The board was subsequently registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on January 5, 1981 as a non-stock, non-profit technical foundation. It is a tripartite body composed of representatives from the government, private and labor sectors which aims to provide manpower development in various tourism enterprises.

In 1991, the Board of Trustees under HRIBFI Resolution 001-91 agreed to rename HRIB as the Tourism Industry Board Foundation, Inc. to be able to expand its coverage/membership to all sectors of the tourism industry. The conversion was finally approved by the SEC on March 25, 1992.

Vision and Mission

  • Developing service excellence in tourism enterprises is our mandate.
  • Unify government, industry, education and training sectors in facilitating tourism human resource development.

Core Values







  • Provide support in developing an adequate supply of competent tourism professionals;
  • Facilitate  skills training and development to match the needs of  tourism professionals and industry;
  • Establish and develop networks and linkages with relevant stakeholders.

Key Results Area

Standards and Training – Training and Development
Key Point Indicators:
  • MRA Awareness (3)
  • Train the Trainers/ Assessors Program (4 Labor Divisions)
  • Promotion and Advocacy of Programs for Tourism Professionals (3)
  • Tourism Skills Upgrading Training Programs (3)
  • ASEAN Toolbox Training Programs (3)
  • K-12 Teacher Training Programs (3)
  • Industry immersion programs (3)
Linkages and Networking – Operations / Administration
Research and Publications

Corporate Philosophy

  • Industrial training and manpower development should be industry led as they are the direct beneficiaries of training and manpower development
  • Government shall serve as catalyst support in putting forces together to fast track manpower development and initiating skills training in communities/associations through the provision of incentives.

Development Operations

  • Research - TIBFI assesses manpower supply/demand situations, identifies training and development problems and evaluates and accredits trainors and existing training programs/centers.
  • Training - TIBFI designs/upgrades and implements training programs and establishes manpower pooling/placement services.
  • Publication - TIBFI publishes and disseminates information on training and manpower development.
  • Trade Standards, Trade Tests and Training Standards Development - TIBFI identifies, develops, promotes and implements the use or acceptance of trade standards, trade tests and training standards.

Contact Information

Tourism Industry Board Foundation Inc.

Present Address:

Planning and Development Office
Lyceum of the Philippines University

Intramuros, Manila


  +63 (2) 922-3894
  +63 (927) 414-6709
  +63 (998) 273-5539

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